Competition and Antitrust

How We Can Assist You in the Area of Competition & Antitrust

Our Competition & Antitrust practice is proud to provide practical and commercial advice while never compromising the soundness of the legal solution offered. We are acutely aware of the legal sanctions and damage to your business which failure to comply with the incumbent competition and antitrust legislation can incur, and can guide you through compliance with sensitivity to your overriding concerns.

Competition & Antitrust

Our Competition & Antitrust practice provides expert advice on obtaining competition clearances in respect of all transactions which may result in a concentration, including mergers, acquisitions and share purchases. Our lawyers are increasingly called upon to advise on unfair competition and consumer protection. We can advise you on when a concentration should be notified, what constitutes a dominant market position or monopoly and how to ensure your business operations fall within the competition and antitrust rules in place.Dinova Rusev & Partners also advises on the EU rules on State aid and conformity with such of the EU Regulations which have been implemented in Bulgaria in relation to Competition.

We have developed a strong team in the area of administrative and court litigation proceedings in respect of alleged breach of competition and anti-trust regulations as well as misleading advertisement and consumer protection issues and disputes.

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