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Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Last Year Student

Ioana is a legal trainee at Dinova Rusev and Partners Law office. She joined the DRP team in July 2023.

Since the very beginning Ioana had the opportunity to work with each member of the DRP team, as a result of which she gained a wealth of experience on a variety of legal issues in different legal sectors, from employment law to property law, anti-money laundering legislation, energy law etc.

Ioana is currently completing her final year of her education in Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.

Ioana has graduated from a professional high school with a degree in Economics and Management which earned her a diploma as an Economist. Thanks to this she has knowledge in accounting, public finance, micro and macroeconomics, enterprise economics etc.

Ioana is fluent in English and Italian and is currently increasing her knowledge in Legal Italian.

Ioana’ areas of interest include competition law, intellectual property law, commercial law, in particular transport law, including land transport, maritime law, aviation law, and also labour law, administrarive law, energy law, environmental law, dispute resolution.

It is both a privilege and a great pleasure to be surrounded by such professionals as the DRP team. The wonderful attitude of the entire team and the effort they take to explain every task assigned to me has made the past months both very enjoyable and very fruitful for me. Even though this is my first job, the friendly and helpful attitude of the team helped me fit into the team more quickly and easily.

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